The purpose of this event is to see fulfilled in the year 2020 the following appeal made by Ellen White: "Could there be a convocation of all the churches on earth, the object of their united cry should be for the Holy Spirit. When we have that, Christ our sufficiency is ever present, we shall have every want supplied. We shall have the mind of Christ." (MR - 240 , letter 114, 1894)

As church members from around the world prepare to assemble together in 2020 for the next General Conference session in Indianapolis the Lake Union is coordinating in that city a prayer conference on March 6 and 7, 2020, with the purpose to pray for an outpouring of His Holy Spirit to fall on our pastors, teachers, lay leaders, schools, hospitals, and the leadership of conferences, unions, and world divisions. 


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Sabbath Afternoon PresentationTony Annobile
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